08.03.2018–05.05.2018 Blue-prints Artelli Gallery

Lennart Alves (SE), Liesbet Bussche (BE ), Keke Vilabelda ( ES)

From 8/03 till 5/5 Artelli gallery Antwerp proudly presents the exhibition entitled “Blueprints”.
Three artists use the same idea of a Blueprint, to communicate diverse ideas.
Keke Vilabelda uses his architectural blueprints in order to confront us with our failing economical model.
Lennart Alves unveils the disastrous ecological impact that humans have on our planet,
and Liesbeth Bussche uses nostalgic blueprints to capture the core eleven jewellery pieces that a woman should own, and treasure in her jewellery box.


Thursday, 8 March from 7p.m. until 9 p.m.