BOOOOOKS by Peter Foolen Editions

BOOOOOKS invites a single arts publisher at a time and presents a selection of their work. For the second season, a collection from Peter Foolen Editions is presented.

Dutch designer, curator and publisher Peter Foolen began his life in publishing working with the Eindhoven-based initiatives Peninsula (1987-1997) and Stichting October (1998-2007). Continuing to live and work in Eindhoven, since 2007 he has worked as an independent designer and publisher under the name Peter Foolen Editions, working closely with contemporary artists such as herman de vries, Roger Ackling, Alan Charlton, Laurie Clark & Thomas A Clark, Simon Cutts, Chris Drury, Alec Finlay, Ian Hamilton Finlay, Lesley Foxcroft, Hamish Fulton, Callum Innes, Peter Liversidge, Richard Long, Tim O’Riley, Graham Rich, Carol Robertson, Trevor Sutton, Ian Whittlesea, Dick Cassée, Paul van Dijk, Giovanni Dalessi and Nono Reinhold, to realise and publish works across various formats such as books, objects, prints and portfolios.

Exhibitions of books and editions published by Peter Foolen have been held at Van Abbemuseum, Eindhoven; Museum Kurhaus Kleve; Vanderbilt University, Nashville; Künstlerhaus Bregenz and can regularly be found at book fairs around the world.

During the presentation, BOOOOOKS and Peter Foolen Editions host a project by Scottish artist and poet Thomas A Clark, including posters and a tote bag.