Bram Demunter

Tim Van Laere Gallery presents its first solo exhibition by Bram Demunter, Ancient Alligator Swimming from the Sea to the River.

Anaximander drew one of the first world maps based on a subdivision by water. Since then, our worldview has continued to change, but the seas, oceans, and rivers have always played an important role. The mystical value of water and all the secrets of its unknown depths have inspired many stories, myths, and sagas. For this show, Bram Demunter was also inspired by different stories about the sea, the ocean, and its rivers. Demunter understands the lure of the sea and regularly looks at the seas of Ensor and Turner (who never ventured offshore). As in any good epic or hero’s tale, the sea plays a major role, though hardly a positive one. Herman Melville's sea teaches us about evil, pride, and punishment, while the incredible floods in the Gilgamesh epic and later in the Bible make us shudder just thinking about the sea.

Bram Demunter (b. 1993) lives and works in Temse, Belgium.

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