Bram van Bree: Flags for the Future

Bram van Bree’s “Flags for the Future” invites us to reflect on what is yet to come. Flags carry meaning and are used as symbolical representations of concrete entities like countries, football clubs or companies. They are often emotionally charged objects, treated with a certain respect. Bram van Bree creates flags that depict abstract and changing concepts, thereby perpetuating his image of what lies ahead.

“Flags for the Future” is on view at RAAT from October 30 to November 12. The installation can only be seen from the Everdijstraat and the courtyard. Reservations are not required.

“Flags for the Future” is the fourth project taking place at RAAT after an open call earlier this year. RAAT is an open city lab in the center of Antwerp, where emerging artists can develop and present their work. Initiated by AAIR.