Aneta Rostkowska, Jakub Woynarowski

'Breach!' - Re-opening 'Eating Each Other'

Curated by Aneta Rostkowska & Jakub Woynarowski

What happens when the exhibition of one curator is appropriated by another?

Aneta Rostkowska and Jakub Woynarowski coined the term “gonzo curating” meaning a process of appropriation of any phenomena by means of constructing a semi-fictional narrative around it. In their guided tours, performative lectures, radio shows, workshops and unconventional exhibitions, they appropriate existing objects, exhibitions, or institutions.

Half way through the run of the exhibition ‘Eating Each Other’, a second exhibition will be opened, in which they expand the existing one by adding new artworks and stories. Its title comes from the book of China Miéville‚ ‘The City & The City’ (2009), telling a story of two cities that occupy the same geographical space, but via the volition of their citizens they are perceived as two different cities. An act of ignoring the separation, called “breaching” is a severely punished crime.

The term “gonzo” refers to “gonzo journalism”, a personal-critical form of reporting where the journalist actively takes part in the story. With “gonzo curating”, Rostkowska and Woynarowski reveal the subjectivity of the curator: they show how they can, depending on the perspective, develop different stories based on the same elements.

This act of reappropriation calls into question the way in which exhibition makers and institutions often attempt to reduce reality to fit a certain theme.

Performative guided tour, 27.05, 14:00, by Aneta Rostkowska & Jakub Woynarowski, during the Antwerp Art Weekend

Price: free

Artists: Aneta Rostkowska, Jakub Woynarowski