François Curlet

Broken English

Are kangaroos the inventors of the K-Way?
Not sure, but a whole host of ideas of all kinds fell off after the master key blow by the 20th century avant-garde, the telepod, David Cronenberg’s teleportation device, has mixed it all up when arriving here.

  • All that exists can be purchased and exhibited.
  • All that will be produced in series to be cast in bronze or other materials, cut, repainted, filled,
    emptied, piled up or spread out if it is liquid can be exhibited.
  • All that is observed can be filmed, photographed, scanned and copied.
  • All living creatures can be transplanted in an exhibition venue.
  • All work made previously to the present declaration, in the same register, will be cited as a

This is when the ideas start to have fun with the users requiring a posteriori a copyright or a patent. ‘I was the first!’ The ball of ball breakers is open! The sine qua non to inject value, the uniqueness served with a special talent for the mundane. I don’t believe in technical finds, more in syntax and in visual and mental dynamics, poetic spaces, between fluid daydreaming and bankruptcy of know-how. Yet the risk of intellectual fraud is always at the center of the debate.
No snow in the kingdom of ideas, maybe some K-Ways.

François Curlet

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