04.06.2020–29.08.2020 'Brussels' Valerie Traan Gallery

Rikkert Paauw

"By transforming the city’s waste into installations within that same city, Rikkert keeps the circle of his circular design very short and builds a story that goes far beyond sustainability or reuse. He creates an artful concrescence of the environment, termite mounds — so to speak — within the city that describes its inhabitants. "
(from a text by Ringo Gomez)

From May 14th 2020 the gallery will be open at it’s regular opening hours, ⁠⠀
Thu | Fri | Sat 2 - 6 pm⁠⠀
At other times a private visit is possible after a call: 0475 75 94 59 or an email: gallery@valerietraan.be⁠⠀