06.09.2019–29.09.2019 C A S S T L and ltd los angeles Present: ec·dy·sis C A S S T L

Skip Arnold, Ron Athey, Rafa Esparza, Anna Garner, Aimee Goguen, Todd Gray, Spencer Lewis, Gabriela Ruiz, Ilana Savdie, Lesley Moon

ec · dy · sis
An exhibition curated by Shirley Morales (ltdlosangeles, Los Angeles)

ec · dy · sis (n). – the molting of the cuticle in many invertebrates of the clade Ecdysozoa. The cuticle of these animals typically forms a largely inelastic exoskeleton, and is shed during growth. A new, larger covering is formed thereafter.

Performances by:
Rafa Esparza, Lesley Moon and Gabriela Ruiz

This exhibition will be on view simultaneously in two venues:
CASSTL, Braziliëstraat 27, 2000 Antwerp.
Antwerp Art Pavilion, Hanzestedenplaats 15, 2000 Antwerp.

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Friday September 6, from 18:00-22:00u