10.10.2020–18.10.2020 C A S S T L Presents Bachelor Jewellery: SeeThrough C A S S T L

Lena D’Hoore, Miia Kota, Cunshuo Ma, Mariel M. Matute, Olha Timkova-Liakhovska, Ye Wang

SeeThrough is an exhibition which brings together projects and complementary works that were developed by the bachelor students of the jewellery department at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp in 2019-2020, hereby presenting a curious exercise in which artistic concepts are realized by the interaction between the object and the viewer.

We deal with the material world all the time, and everything outside reflects into our minds like light. How do you view jewellery? The artists invite the viewer to revisit their relationship with jewellery, crossing from vision to experience.

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Opening day: Saturday, October 10 from 2pm - 6pm