Gert Verhoeven

C A S S T L Presents Gert Verhoeven: à redouter


After Museum M in Leuven and LLS 387 (meanwhile LLS Paleis in Antwerp) Gert Verhoeven will present the third edition of 14 at C A S S T L

Conceived as a contemporary Via Dolorosa, 14 editions for 14 different art institutions. Each edition consists of an image of a rose richly smeared with Vaseline and given a caption or wish an “artist problem” and a “skin disease”

Museum M presented ‘PROCRASTINATIO IN ROSACEA’, LLS 387 presented ‘CASTRATIO & MENOPAUSIS’ (however less of a skin disease). C A S S T L will present ‘HORRIPILATIO AB IMITATIONE’ (goose bumps from imitation).

As with the premiere at LLS 387 the presentation of the edition will also be the signing session. At LLS 387 the GERT VERHOEVEN signatures where executed by young children.

On Sunday 27 January from 1pm till 6pm children will be present at C A S S T L for this signing session and unexpected guests will join. Unexpected but trusted art world friends in another role.

Besides this signing session the 11 other editions will be on view.

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Artists: Gert Verhoeven