Jack Davey

C A S S T L Presents Jack Davey: In Bulge

Jack Davey (b. 1990, London) received respective Masters degrees in Fashion (2013) and Fine Arts Sculpture (2018) from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp. He currently lives and works in London, England.

Working primarily as a sculptor engaged with textiles, Jack has explored digital media, sound and collage as part of his larger installations.
Through his work, Jack attempts to capture energies and emotions within a solid structure and asks how one might imbue those qualities into an inanimate object.
This is investigated through material experimentation, theoretical research and themes such as sexual frustration and desire, anger, behaviour, human anatomy, the subconscious and hidden messages. Fundamentally, Jack aims to dissect, analyse and re-build these elements to create a new sculptural language. A consciousness held within an object.

During a month-long residency in Ticino, Switzerland (May 2022), Jack developed a body of work made entirely out of parcel paper. Culminating in two full-sized, interactive installations entitled Dirty Room. The installations were supplemented by drawings, painted collage and video.

Expanding on this work, Jack Davey presents In Bulge. Refining the concepts, materiality and questions of impermanence examined during this period. This is fused with Jack’s endeavour to freeze energy and imbue objects with immoveable certainty and consciousness.

Artists: Jack Davey