Ria Paquée, Marie-Sophie Beinke


Bagbazar is an exhibition by Ria Pacquée and Marie-Sophie Beinke and includes works made and conceptualized in Kathmandu, Nepal during their joint stay there from from March 20 to April 10 2023. The title refers to the bustling and noisy Bagbazar Street in Kathmandu, the street of all kinds of businesses, but especially the many sign shops, printing facilities and photo studios.

The exhibition includes the book presentation of Bagbazar, a small-format publication featuring portraits of both artists made by various local portrait photographers, another booklet of “Streetramblings” with photos from Nepal 2011 and 2023 + a limited artist’s edition of 12 + 2 A.P. signboards, hand-painted in Kathmandu, depicting two different Nepali words: संकहोल्स र गाउने कचौरा : Sink Holes and Singing Bowls (Ria Pacquée) and उपेक्षा : Equanimity (Marie-Sophie Beinke).

OPENING: February 8 from 19:00-22:00u

Exhibition: February 9 from 12:00-18:00u
Monday to Friday


Artists: Ria Paquée, Marie-Sophie Beinke

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