Oliver Bringer, David Moreno

C A S S TL Presents: Everything : Nothing [in Common]

C A S S T L is proud to present a collaborative, two-person project conceived by linn press | specialists in contemporary art (Princeton).

Titled Everything : Nothing [in Common], linn press paired the creative compulsions of Oliver Bringer (La Garenne-Colombes 1951) and David Moreno (Los Angeles, 1957.) The artists have never met, not even through technology. They do not communicate. They do not speak a common language.

Both artists create “energy works” that are added to individual, seemingly inexhaustible portfolios of music, visual art, and poetry. They share an urgent, individual necessity to make art.

Bringer’s aesthetic universe is intuitive, radical, and stunning. Moreno’s universe is near monastic, in which he deliberately illustrates his inner life in the moment. The fact that Bringer and Moreno have everything and nothing in common makes for a simultaneous attraction and repulsion that defies categorization.

C A S S T L will release a new, two-sided vinyl record of music conceived and performed by Olivier Bringer and David Moreno in a limited edition of 200 of which 20 are signed and numbered.

Exhibition: November 10 till December 18
Monday to Friday, 12:00-18:00u

Open during Art Antwerp - Contemporary art fair
14 – 17 December 2023

Artists: Oliver Bringer, David Moreno