01.07.2021–30.09.2021 Cabinet of Hearts GALLERY GALLERY

Che Go Eun

GALLERY GALLERY is proud to initiate yet another new concept. Next to the short-term projects that are taking place in recent years, GALLERY GALLERY already had launched a concept where each year, one artist will be invited to install a work in the exhibition space that will be exhibited on continuous display spanning all other projects for one full academic year. In addition, GALLERY GALLERY now launches a new concept where each year, one artist will be invited to install a work in direct relation to the public space and will be continuously displayed during summer closing, spanning from the beginning of July to the end of August.

GALLERY GALLERY has invited Che Go Eun (1988, Seoul) to kick off this new series. Influenced by ‘Chaekgado’, a genre of Korean painting from the 18th Century in Joseon dynasty, and ‘Wunderkammer’, the European cabinet of curiosities, Che Go Eun presents ‘Cabinet of Hearts’ (2021). Using digital collage printed on self-adhesive foil complemented with the use of light, the windows giving out to the street will be transformed into a lightbox.


You are utmost welcome on the 1st of July 2021 from 20:00 onwards to celebrate the beginning of summer with us!

Giving the inauguration of Che Go Eun’s new work is the last project of this season, means that it’s also the last time to experience Oscar Hugal’s ‘A Man Sternly Clearing His Throat’ (2020 - 2021), a single-channel sound installation which distributes the sound of “a man sternly clearing his throat” once every minute throughout the exhibition space.