Caroline Van Den Eynden

Cache Cache

‘Cache Cache’, the new solo show by Caroline Van den Eynden, uses the exhibition space of DMW as a medium, occupying it with a large installation imbued with the memories of the artist. When entering the space, the visitor is confronted with a large wall, the style of which references the modernist architecture of the interbellum. This architecture, with its typical yellow bricks and black steel horizontal lines, is a reflection of the surroundings of the school from the artist’s upbringing. After entering this memory, the visitor is guided through the space by means of a series of black railings and gaps in the installation. As such, the installation becomes a realisation of the artist’s efforts to guide the visitor – an uncontrollable element in the otherwise strictly regulated environment of the exhibition space – in an attempt to restore a margin of order. Gradually, however, this quest for order morphs into a game of hide and seek between artist and audience, and visitors become encouraged to explore the boundaries of what can be controlled. The exploration leads via a new, transformed version of Caroline’s work ‘Elemental Entropy’ to a large round meeting table in the back of the exhibition space. In the middle of the table is a slowly moving disk with a scale model of a school, inviting the visitors to sit and discuss. The classrooms of the model school will be sold as multiples.

Artists: Caroline Van Den Eynden