Casper Faassen

Casper Faassen - 'Fleeting Images'

On display in the exhibition ‘Fleeting Images’ by the Dutch artist Casper Faassen are works that illustrate the transience of worldly existence. Inspired by the multifaceted world of Japanese printmaking, Faassen’s creations consist of various layers of photography and painting. The fine pattern of ‘cracking’ added to illustrate the passing of time, emphasises the contrast between beauty and decay. Appearing and disappearing form the theme in this series in which the transience of art and photography is immortalised.
For this exhibition Faassen took his inspiration from Japanese culture and the Bijin, (the beautiful women) from the Utagawa Kunisada woodblock prints, resulting in beautiful, melancholic images featuring recurring motifs from Japanese culture. 'Fleeting images' present us with the image of Asian women in luxury kimonos, swirling snowflakes and displays of cherry blossoms.
The vernissage will be on Sunday afternoon 26 March 2017 from 2-6 pm.

Artists: Casper Faassen