Sietske van Aerde


on a plate full of sparkling dark beans and warm silky potatoes
lays a purple head with eight arms

long, curling, velvet arms

with a distant gaze
holding pots and pans

it’s holding back its plans

you can have my soul
my body
my heart

eight hands rise
fall down
pots break
lets down her guard

PONTI is very pleased to announce the upcoming solo show in our space.
Sietske van Aerde will present new work during a soloshow that opens on September 1st, at 7pm.
Sietske Van Aerde studied at the Academy Of Fine Arts in Antwerp and has recently showed work in Lichtekooi and at NowBelgiumNow amongst others. The exhibition will run until October 8th 2022 and will be on view every Friday - Sunday from 2pm until 6pm.

Image: Detail of "Cephalopoda".

Artists: Sietske van Aerde

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