Gianni Motti, Andrea Fraser

CHANNELS – One-day programme

A one-day programme as part of the exhibition Lenin Was a Mushroom
with live contributions by Yann Chateigné Tytelman, Andrea Fraser, Gianni Motti and Jamie Stevens

CHANNELS shares a focus on the practices of Andrea Fraser and Gianni Motti, both of which are currently presenting work at M HKA in the exhibition Lenin Was a Mushroom - Moving Images in the 1990s. The one-day programme is a unique opportunity to connect with two major artistic figures, and understand how their engagements have consistently evolved through time. Both of their practices started in the late ‘80s - early ‘90s, a moment marked by the emergence and fast diversification of communication channels until the post-truth era we live in and in which our, now naturalised practice of information distribution, has complexified the lines between personal beliefs and public opinion.

Recognised as a key contributor to ‘institutional critique’, Andrea Fraser has in recent years expanded her practice with the development of compelling video performances investigating the formation of individual and social identity as they intersect with structures of domination. Known for her use of forms of performed communication such as speeches, guided tours and talks, her recent work explores the complex dynamics and potential of small group discussions.

Gianni Motti’s practice insists on the possibility of revealing alternative realities, temporalities and ideas. In doing so, the artist has always strategically employed the terrain of media such as daily newspapers, live broadcasting, mass- gatherings or art institutions to produce and disseminate his actions. Telepathy, as one of his preferred media, has played an important role in his work in performing and transmitting forms of influence.

Both practices articulate particularly idiosyncratic understandings and applications of the posture, power and influence of individual thinking in relation to larger ideologic systems.

CHANNELS is planned as a part of ‘Lenin Was a Mushroom – Moving Images in the 1990s’ curated by Nav Haq and the activities of L’Internationale confederation.


Artists: Gianni Motti, Andrea Fraser

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