Chapter 1

Chapter 1 tells the story of the twinbrothers Du Chastin.
After the dead of his brother, Louis is left alone.
And all he has left is a letter from his brother.
A letter that makes everything even more incomprehensable.
Louis goes in search for who he really is and who he is without his other half.

One day, The woman on the 3th floor invites him in after crossing each other in the hallway
Louis doens’t know her, even though they lived in the same building for years.
he decides to take her up on the offer.
That evening he enters a new world... hers.

And slowly his nightmares fade away. And even the silence isn’t screaming for attention anymore.
The light finds a way into his days again.
But his beautiful daydreams are soon to be disturbed when a new letter of his brother arrives...

Artists: Brown