Christoph Blawert

Christoph Blawert's In Heaven Everything is Fine

TICK TACK proudly presents 'Christoph Blawert’s In Heaven Everything is Fine', an immersive in-situ installation and total takeover of the TICK TACK space.

Blawert’s painterly practice spans a broad range of styles and covers various historical, cultural and symbolical areas. His paintings are directed towards the brink of triviality, mimicking contemporary internet image creation and therefore avoiding neither kitsch nor cliche.

Blawert’s practice goes beyond the canvas and integrates the exhibition space as well, creating theatrical scenarios that consistently challenge the order of the institutional space. Preconceptions regarding art-appropriate conditions and popular expectations are being overthrown by exhibiting on park benches (Middelheim Park, 2019) and hotel rooms (Hotel Colombus Antwerp, 2016) as well as the unfashionable genre of plein air painting. Blawert’s practice creates a state of ambivalence in which projections and reality drift apart and the pretty facade of our familiar conceptions starts to crumble.

Recent exhibitions of Christoph Blawert include Im Glottertal, Produzentengalerie, Hamburg; Invitation to Love, Kunstverein Bremernhaven; Im Garten der Dichter, Produzentengalerie, Hamburg.

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