D.D.Trans | INFIDELS > 13.04.2017 – 03.06.2017 | What poetry can do with words, D.D.Trans does with domestic, garden- and kitchen utensils; with a small twist he short circuits the alliance between fabricated things and their meaning. But being simple is not identical to being simplistic. Guileless but careful he bends things, kindled by an association, a whiff of rebellion, and a subcutaneous, understated melancholy.
Two DIY plastic straps form a heart. If you have used them before you know: without scissors or pliers they won't come lose. Untying them is destroying them. The end of a bended darts arrow casts a small, hart shaped shadow – the work of an invisible cupid. Dice stick together in a fixed combination: fortune is bound to strike with only sixes. Elsewhere, with a wink and the addition of one label, a bright yellow shoe lift is turned into a banana. A fly screen, rolled up or flatly molten on a white plane, surprisingly looks like a painting.
The work of D.D.Trans may look superficial, but it digs deeper than at first sight appears. “Light hearted” better covers the content: roguish, playful, and non-monumental he turns objects - in the eyes of a good spectator - into a less noncommittal state. With small gestures he questions the language of things. He pulls a spring and cocks it. More than that: unpretentious but well-aimed he researches the status of a found object as artwork. | OPENING DRINK and BOOK PRESENTATION 13.04.2017 4-9PM |

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