23.03.2019–30.06.2019 DEADLY AFFAIRS. Environmental injustice through toxic trades. Kunsthal Extra City
DEADLY AFFAIRS. Environmental injustice through toxic trades.

Group exhibition curated by Antonia Alampi

We are living in an age in which human impact on the planet is so terrifyingly profound that it shall leave its traces for millennia to come. At the heart of this accelerating planetary change, lies the excessive and expanding modes of extraction, production, and disposal necessary to support the perpetual economic growth inherent to the modern, and particularly western, project.

The exhibition will look into how the privileges we live in right now, the rights our forms of citizenship grant us, are possible only by the exploitation of land and the environment of others outside the confines of our European jurisdictions. ‘Dangerous Liaisons’ follows the flow of exploitation of labor, land and resources from the heart of Europe towards a space outside of its borders and focuses on the complexities surrounding toxic waste trade.

The exhibition will present research materials of experiences of the toxic in, and related to, Belgium, and the work of both local and international artists engaging with an understanding of environmental injustice and the toxic in its multiple connotations. Through a historical contextualization of the European policies surrounding toxic management, a dissection of the conditions that facilitate its distribution, an understanding of the economic disparities and cultural habits that make possible the current state of things, the exhibition aims to engage the audience in a more relational understanding of the environment and its ownership and how the unequal distribution of environmental catastrophes is inherently intertwined with issues of race, capitalism, imperialism, and gender.

Curator: Antonia Alampi
Assistant curator: Zeynep Kubat

Image: Pierre Malychef, Jessika Khazrik or The Society of False Witnesses, "Content, Contact and Danger", photography, 1995-2015-ongoing


22.03.2018 at 19:00