Dr. Hugo Heyrman

De poreuze grenzen van de realiteit

The exhibition "De poreuze grenzen van de realiteit" by Dr. Hugo Heyrman will be opened on Saturday September 16 from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. and will run until Sunday November 5, 2023. The book of the same name Dr. Hugo Heyrman The Porous Boundaries of Reality with texts by Joannes Késenne will be published. There will also be a bibliophile edition in a slipcase with an original work by Dr. Hugo Heyrman in an edition of 15 copies, numbered 1 to 15, published by the Vrienden van De Zwarte Panter.

Artist Dr. Hugo Heyrman positions himself within the art world at a remarkable level. When we survey his artistry of more than half a century, we are confronted with an oeuvre that has continuously fulfilled a pioneering function. Since the 1960s he has developed into one of the most important painters of his generation. By bringing the visual and conceptual, the synaesthetic and cinematic closer together in sensible crossovers, Heyrman's oeuvre is a unique contribution to painting.

A central theme for Heyrman is his existential involvement with the fragility of the contemporary living environment: the city- and streetlife as a form of society, in which the body language of human emotions is situated against a background of changing urban existence. In the works Heyrman simultaneously exposes the underlying power structures of the city, the codes and systems.

Artists: Dr. Hugo Heyrman

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