Dennis Tyfus

Dennis Tyfus

Tim Van Laere Gallery presents its first solo exhibition of Dennis Tyfus, titled Satellite of Lard. In this exhibition, Tyfus presents a new series of drawings, sculptures, installations and sound works.

The practice of Dennis Tyfus (°1979 in Antwerp, Belgium. Lives and works in Antwerp) encompasses a wide range of artistic media and visual images. These range from drawings, installations, videos, magazines and books to music, vinyl publications, his own radio show, concerts and performances. Everything in his oeuvre flows into everything else, with no fixed definitions, no beginning or end. In this regard, he draws heavily on the work of such artists as Dieter Roth, Mike Kelley and Jim Shaw. By combining elements from his own psyche with various elements from high and low culture and by approaching them on an equal footing, he creates a universe in which the personal, the everyday and the uncanny come together. His works often find their origin in the artist’s subconscious thought process and take shape through a process of improvisation in which Tyfus only allows himself to be limited by his choice of medium and place. He gathers his diverse artistic practice under the label Ultra Eczema, which can take the most varied forms: an UE50 tattoo on the knuckles of the artist’s right hand, for instance, or the road sign with the text Ultra Eczema 100 that was placed on the corner of the street near the Middelheim Museum. The latter work also illustrates the importance of language and recontextualization within Tyfus’s oeuvre.

Dennis Tyfus (b. 1979 in Antwerp, Belgium) lives and works in Antwerp. His works have been exhibited internationally at, among others, the Middelheim Museum, Antwerp; M HKA, Antwerp; S.M.A.K., Ghent; Bozar, Brussels; CAPC Museum of Contemporary Art of Bordeaux, France; Kunsthalle São Paulo, Brazil; Schloss Damtschach, Austria. His work is in public collections such as M HKA, Antwerp and Middelheim Museum, Antwerp.

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