Dennis Tyfus. My Niece's Pierced Knees

'My Niece’s Pierced Knees' is the first solo museum show of the work of Antwerp artist Dennis (˚1979). After participating in the group exhibition 'Experience Traps' by adding a new sculpture, 'De Nor', to the Middelheim Museum, Tyfus now leaves a trail right across the museum’s sculpture park. Although this exhibition is not a retrospective and mainly shows new work, the whole constellation could be read as the roundup of a wondrous and self-willed artistic practice, as the summary of twenty years of “doing something”.

We chiefly know Dennis Tyfus as an artist of great independence and self-organisation, firmly embedded in and connected to the local Antwerp music and art scene, but with a substantial international network. His work is based on an unbridled drawing practice and a preference for language and words, but the way it appears is always different. The work is constantly moving. The sculptural aspect of Tyfus’s work is the way in which he carefully and consciously deals with the space it occupies. Tyfus’s work is everywhere, and often in the public sphere. There are flyers and posters, drawings, paintings and performances, as well as installations, sculptures, videos, vinyl records, concerts, t-shirts, magazines, books and tattoos. Tyfus uses his label Ultra Eczema, which by now consists of about 250 releases, in order to integrate influences and interests and to keep count of his tangled artistic practice.

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