Gosie Vervloessem


DETECTIVE AGENCY OF MONSTERS investigates how the horror genre, the monsters and the character of the confused and overly concerned detective can help us understand the increasingly complex world we live in. Sick Detective is specialised in investigating the relationship between Homo Sapiens and the vegetal kingdom.

DETECTIVE AGENCY OF MONSTERS resides at OUT OF SIGHT and is operational from March 2021 throughout the year. Sick Detective will invite you to come during Open Office days and help investigate unsolved mysteries of the City of Antwerp.

During Antwerp Art Weekend, we organise the first Open Office Days. Join us and help investigate unsolved vegetal mysteries of the City of Antwerp on Friday (14 May, 12pm-8pm), Saturday (15 May, 12pm-6pm) and Sunday (16 May, 12pm-6pm).

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It is generously supported by the Flemish Authorities and the City of Antwerp.

Photo by Latifa Saber

Artists: Gosie Vervloessem