Simon Laureyns

Early Bird

A morning is always a wing beat into a beginning of something new. Simon Laureyns‘ works in the exhibition "Early Birds" open up something new to the viewer in their color and form, poetic and enigmatic in their formal language at the same time. For his painterly fabric objects, hung on the wall, break with a pictorially closed form and spread openly into the room. With the presented objects, Laureyns continues and further develops something he started last year with his "Fontaines". Beginning with a painterly process of imparting colorfulness to the solid cotton fabric, sometimes blotchy, sometimes dense and sometimes iridescent, powerfully luminous and delicately shimmering through, he takes various strips and scraps of fabric dyed in this way and sews them into his object paintings. With folds, creases, and overlaps, Laureyns creates objects that harmoniously unite the painterly and the sculptural. This interplay of material and color gives the individual works an intense presence in themselves and in the space surrounding them. The viewer is invited to look in, to experience, and to imagine himself in. The different color values on the cotton fabric and the open form of the works evoke associations in the viewer and awaken memories and emotions. Like an open book whose pages are waiting to be read, Simon Laureyns' fabric object paintings invite the viewer to perceive and experience and to fall out of the world and time for a moment.
Text: Mara Sporn (Curator Langen Foundation)

Start exhibition: Thursday 7 April, from 1-6 pm
Drinks in presence of the artist: Saturday 23 April, from 2-5 pm

Artists: Simon Laureyns