Chris Meulemans & Johan Gelper


Many similarities can be identified between paintings by Chris Meulemans and sculptures by Johan Gelper. Neither artist starts with a preconceived idea or image. What is decisive are materials and the resulting actions. They both make drawings. Gelper's sculptures often look like spatial drawings. And just as Gelper's assemblage lies at the basis of most sculptures, the collage is crucial in Meulemans' drawings. Those collages have a crucial impact on how her paintings are put together spatially. Both oeuvres express a fascination with the plant kingdom. 'Ecriture botanique' - a play on words on the term 'écriture automatique', a spontaneous, (approximately) unconscious way of writing - evokes an interaction between directing and letting happen, writing and letting nature speak.

Artists: Chris Meulemans & Johan Gelper

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