08.09.2019–26.10.2019 Eden Artelli Gallery

Jesse Willems

Jesse Willems introduces ‘Eden’ in the Artelli Gallery.
Up and coming talent Jesse Willems, an artist from the Schönfeld Gallery in Brussels, turns the Artelli Gallery Antwerp into ‘Artelli in Eden’. Collages, together with other work, will be exhibited on the walls and ceiling, fully decorated with dried wildflowers, which were handpicked at worksites and other peculiar places: his Paradise Garden is an accurate, all-encompassing installation imbued with fragrance. Using scissors, Willems carves up old newspapers, journals and textbooks, he experiments with a wide range of techniques, he photographs and simultaneously continues drawing. Regularly deploying abstraction and geometry, Jesse Willems knows how to extract beauty and purity out of chaotic reality.


Sunday 8 September between 2 and 6 p.m.