15.10.2020–08.11.2020 Limbo, act 02 - a Group Exhibition Everyday Gallery

Hugo Avigo, Jean-Baptiste Janisset, Liam Fallon, Mahsa Merci, Maria Fragoso, Nicolas Holiber, Stef Van Looveren, Valentin Vie Binet & Romy Texier, Xander Faes, Adrien Vermont, Amadeo Morelos, Ciro Duclos, Natacha Mankowski, Robuche, Floris Van Look, Georgina Clapham, Jacopo Pagin, Loïc Devaux, Marria Pratts, Rebecca Brodskis, Stephane Abitbol, Tom Volkaert, Tramaine de Senna, Victor Delestre

LIMBO, act 02 - A group exhibition with too many artists.

LIMBO is first of all an attempt to capture the ambiance of transience and uncertainty that has characterized 2020 so far. Bringing together over forty emerging artists, Everyday Gallery’s latest show is not an attempt to articulate a way out of the current impasse that society finds itself. Neither is it an attempt to stake out a new generation of artists or a new artistic agenda. Instead, it wants to be an expression of the multifarious feelings of distress, anger, frustration, but also hope and belonging that many of the participating artists, like so many of us, have experienced in the past six to eight months. Exhibiting works that were made over the past couple of months, this exposition follows hot on the trail of unmediated distress and turmoil. And yet it also searches for new forms, new ways of engaging with the world in the wake of what we have experienced.


02 - 07 pm.

Our doors open under the new safety guidelines, wearing a mask is mandatory.