Elias Cafmeyer

Elias Cafmeyer, the choice of Ria Pacquée

The choice of Ria Pacquée

16.05, 18:00 OPENING
17.05 — 30.06.2019 SOLO EXHIBITION

For the series of exhibitions ‘The choice of’, Kunsthal Extra City invites some of Antwerp’s most renowned artists to nominate a promising artist who in their view is absolutely deserving of (inter)national recognition. For this second edition, Ria Pacquée has selected Elias Cafmeyer.

Cafmeyer creates alienating installations either in or inspired by public space. He incorporates artefacts of urban development and elements that define our orientation in the city and reflect our social behaviour.

For his exhibition in Kunsthal Extra City, Cafmeyer brings architectural features of public space into an institutional context.

Artists: Elias Cafmeyer