Benjamin Cohen

empty, mpty, mty, mt, mt

TICK TACK is pleased to announce Empty, mpty, mty, mt, , the first Belgian solo exhibition by London-based artist Benjamin Cohen (London, 1986).

Cohen presents a uniquely personal ecosystem of past-and-future totems while underlining the question of how memories can be constructed. .

Empty, mpty, mty, mt, , evokes the consideration of how objects, images, forms and structures can transcend time as well as the fear of belonging to everywhere and nowhere simultaneously. The show draws together works corresponding to notions of preservation and permanence. Over the past years, Cohen has developed a highly personal vocabulary that intertwines sculpture, painting and time-based media with re-imaginations of his late uncle’s mausoleum-like home. However, his practice extends beyond these initial outlines, encompassing a broader exploration of archaeology, architecture, astronomy, memory and more.

Artists: Benjamin Cohen

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