07.09.2017–01.10.2017 En cours d'installation valerie_traan gallery

Annemie Augustijns, Clarisse Bruynbroeck, Karen Amanda Moser, Liesbeth Doms, Muller Van Severen, Ralph Collier, Rikkert Paauw, Stef Van Looveren, Unfold& Barnabé Fillion

En cours d’installation is a group exhibition initiated by valerie_traan gallery that investigates the boundaries of materiality/immateriality and¬ its condition of appearance. The title of this exhibition refers to a marker of time that poses an unfinished process, where things don’t remain in a frozen state and evolve through different conditions.

En cours d’installation is not just a presentation of a group of objects. It is rather an act of creation where elements of light, colour and smell determine the atmosphere and also formally recognizable elements such as a table, a chair and a glass. The artists that are brought together in this exhibition certainly display a number of traits in common. These features don’t come in the form of a theme, technique or particular visual source but they connect through their similar intuition or approach towards defining the vitality of an image or an object.

valerie_traan is a space for objects and subjects often balancing on the dividing line between design, art and architecture. For this project, that takes place at the Rivoli building in Brussels, valerie_traan invites Clarisse Bruynbroeck and Ralph Collier to create an exhibition that represents the mindset of the gallery. Therefore, En cours d’installation is an encounter between artists who have a history with the gallery in dialogue with new voices.

(photo: Artist aura by Liesbeth Doms, drawing by Bart Vanwynsberghe)

Rivoli #22 (De Praeterestraat, Rue De Praetere)
Waterloosesteenweg 690, 1180 Brussel
690, chaussée de Waterloo, 1180 Brussels


opening drink Thu 07.09.2017 | 5-9PM
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