Yannick Ganseman

En de hemel werd steeds blauwer

‘En de hemel werd steeds blauwer’
Yannick Ganseman
24.02- 1.04.2023

Opening: Thursday 23 February 2023 between 6-9pm

Otty Park proudly presents the solo exhibition of Yannick Ganseman ‘En de hemel werd steeds blauwer’

Yannick Ganseman (Leuven, °1984) is something of a loner, artistically speaking: his ceramic bas-reliefs and carved wood sculptures seem, in their medium and subject matter (still lives, genre scenes), outside of time, shielded from the contemporary. The more one looks at them, however, the more this impression recedes. What at first seems like an apparent indifference to time turns into a cogent and subtle embrace of the contemporary as a condition of temporal awareness and historical consciousness. (Antony Hudek, 6 July 2017 — Catalogue text ‘Van Stof tot Asse’)

Image: n.t. - oil paint, plaster on PU foam and wooden frame- 150x100x18cm


Artists: Yannick Ganseman