Marc Schepers, Frederick Bell


Marc Schepers ( fotomontage) - Frederick Bell ( Sound Works )

We are confronted on a daily basis in the media with images about oppression, terror, tyranny, war, refugees and genocide. This broadening of the visible world and the way it is politicized is responsible for the further development of form and content within the aesthetic experience and how we perceive it. Our aesthetic ability is formed by the sensory experiences that we have with what we perceive and that touch us emotionally. I have processed such images into an allegory which confronts us in another way, by revealing what is unseen behind them.
(Marc Schepers 2017)

Sound Works
I made recordings of the sound inside prominent galleries and museums. Effectively this removes the very thing that the visitors are there to see, photograph and talk about. The recordings are of the spaces and the people who go there for a variety of reasons. These may be educational visits, or for the free wifi, to have a selfie with Caravaggio, or to be lost in esoteric contemplation. The soundscapes vary from footsteps in a quiet gallery to something that resembles a busy railway station. It is the sound of a dynamic and unpredictable social space in front of the carefully curated exhibition walls: the sound of people looking.
(Frederick Bell 2017)

Artists: Marc Schepers, Frederick Bell