Oleg Maslov

Epic Sentiment

The name of Oleg Maslov (b.1965 works and lives in Saint-Petersburg) is associated with Neo-Academism, which arose among the "New Artists" - the New Wavers of the eighties, whose activities were focused on popular culture. Neo-Academism genetically carried elements of pop art. Maslov found this his own definition, calling his works "pop painting".

In his own work, Maslov is always interested, first of all, in two things - inexorable fun, manifested in his memorable expressiveness of images, and the quality of painting. In the later works of Oleg Maslov, the brightness of colours corresponds to a slightly clouded painting style, somewhat faded from time to time, as if hiding some more light behind it.

Oleg Maslov’s works are presently exhibited in the State Russian Museum, the State Tretyakov’s Gallery, Stedelijk Museum, Dutch GSA company Gasunie, in private collections in Russia and abroad.

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