25.11.2021–29.01.2022 Everything is illuminated ZEIT

Filip Collin, Carla Arocha & Stéphane Schraenen, Carl Krasberg, Mark Verstockt, Karl Gerstner, Jean Dewasne, Guy Vandenbranden, Derek Boshier, Ivan Picelj, Herbert Hamak

One year after his duo show with Belgian master of geometric abstraction Jo Delahaut, Filip Collin is back at ZEIT. He will present a series of new neon works, including a monumental piece specifically created for the garden room, as well as collages and works in plexiglass. We invited master of colour Carl Krasberg, a German visual artist of constructive-concrete art and university lecturer, as well as artist duo Carla Arocha - Stéphane Schraenen, of whom we will show two mirrored sculptural installations, the perfect complement for Filip's neon creations.

As is custom at ZEIT, we combine these contemporary works with paintings, screen prints and objects from previous eras. This time, we bring you pieces by pop-art precursor Derek Boshier and Nove Tendencije hero Ivan Picelj alongside gallery favourites such as Mark Verstockt, Pol Mara, and Guy Vandenbranden.

Welcome to the light.


Preview Thursday 25 November 5 - 9 pm