08.09.2017–10.12.2017 Extra-Citizen Extra City Kunsthal

Group exhibition

09.09 – 10.12.2017 /
OPENING 08.09.2017, 19:00

On 8 September 2017, Kunsthal Extra City reopens with ‘Extra-Citizen’.

How do we make a city our own? When can we say we belong to a place? How much have the informal meaning and legal definition of the notion of citizenship transformed over the last decades?

‘Extra-Citizen’ is an exhibition and a discursive program that investigates processes, behaviours and strategies of citizenship, in cities that need to adapt to the diversity of their present and future inhabitants. ‘Extra-Citizen – a prologue’ looks into a concept in transition, one that exists in a liminal space between democracy, legality, sense of affiliation and survival.


OPENING 08.09.2017, 19:00