25.10.2018–02.12.2018 FACES // portraits by 7 artists Artelli Gallery
FACES // portraits by 7 artists

Damien Cabanes, Johan Clarysse, Jana Coolen, Eline De Clercq, Karel Fonteyne, Otiniel Lins, Albert Pepermans

Faces runs from 25 October to 3 December, an exhibition of the Antwerp Artelli Gallery, in which seven different artists show their portraits. The exhibition is an homage to the face and the incessant artistic interest it awakens.

Portraits are as old as humanity. The Fajoem portraits from ancient Egypt, the Roman Frescoes and the nobility portraits from the Middle Ages prove the constant artistic fascination for the face throughout history. That contemporary art has not made the admiration for the most important façade of the human soul disappear can be seen in Faces, an exhibition organized by the Antwerp Artelli Gallery. From October 25 until December 3, seven different artists will display their portraits. By showing how she experiences rather than literally sees the other person, Eline De Clercq creates a series of inner portraits. Damien Cabanes works exclusively with living models, which he brings to the canvas in a natural and colorful way. With his portraits of philosophers to psychiatric patients, Johan Clarysse goes to the core of what human beings drive and desire. The heads of Albert Pepermans are impressive and colorful. Well-known and lesser-known figures, all distilled from photographs, are represented in his oeuvre. For the faces of Otiniel Lins, he explored various areas including African prehistoric times. Karel Fontuyne is a photographer. Before capturing the image with his lens, this artist has already fully figured out his scenes; setup and decor are the most important elements of his compositions. Moreover, you can discover the work of the young Jana Coolen. The figures she depicts have an inward look, a look at the essence of the portrait; the self.


Opening Thursday 25 October between 7 and 9 p.m.