Hanne Lamon

Feel me heal me, Hanne Lamon

A first solo exhibition from Hanne Lamon

The series starts from the connection between body and mind. The link between time and space through our body, through ourselves and the connection with our environment. From a personal search for peace and the need for introspection, this series is composed of images in which a certain primal force is hidden.
In kundalini yoga, waking up a sleeping snake is a symbol of summoning our inner energy. Various physical and meditative techniques have been developed to awaken the snake to release energy in the body. The exchange between the physical body and the intangible sphere of the mind, the feeling and the soul is an ancient idea, anchored in many cultures. Even though the images are grounded in a physical nature, they explore a metaphysical sphere. The goal is to awaken your true self ("Sat Nam").

Artists: Hanne Lamon