David Bergé

Finissage: A Walk in High Resolution

Join the artist David Bergé and the curator Dušica Dražić on Sunday, 22 December at 16h for a guided walk through the exhibition and a reading from the book "A Walk in High Resolution" to conclude the exhibition.

"The exhibition “A Walk in High Resolution” is an attempt to walk the city when entering the space. Once the threshold of the space is crossed the experience of the walk changes. At the same time it is a testimonial of the walk and the real-time walk. The set-up is what in David’s “Walk Pieces” is the given route directed by a guide, often David himself. We are walking inside-out, toward-away and together-alone. Here, mutually exclusive positions are pared together to create a singular experience.

A contradiction is achieved on yet another level – the walk becomes ephemeral through materialisation. Objects, most deriving from previous walks, are introduced throughout the space: certificates signed by participants in four “Walk Pieces” in the city of Thessaloniki, Bergé’s handwritten text on fragile rice paper, pieces of unpolished Naxos marble that were transformed into tables and fixed into the corners of the space, books and a permanently installed maintenance hole cover in the garden of the space which was found discarded in the streets of Seoul.

The exhibition “A Walk in High Resolution” is a visual and spatial travel book that revisits Bergé’s silent “Walk Pieces”, cross-sectioned with our personal geographies.

Once again we are walking together."

An excerpt from the text "The power of walking together" by Dušica Dražić


Photo: Han Soete

Artists: David Bergé