Yoko Ikeda

Finissage 'Contrepoint' by Yoko Ikeda

Sunday 22 January is the last day of Yoko Ikeda's solo exhibition 'Contrepoint'.

Ikeda has the extraordinary ability to see the beauty in seemingly meaningless objects and to elevate them to beautiful precious subjects in her photographs. Her images show respect for every little element that forms our big world. Ikeda plays with shadows, colours, lines and textures that she comes across while moving through and observing everyday life.

By means of her camera Ikeda has created her own way of seeing and showing an outside world that one would normally not be able to see. Within Ikeda’s compositions there is often no reference point. The space is flattened and abstracted, the location is ambiguous. She experiments with unusual view points and focus. Ikeda searches for contrasts in form and light and makes use of unexpected framing.

Artists: Yoko Ikeda

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