14.05.2017–25.06.2017 Fred Bervoets | Wim De Schamphelaere | Frieda Van Dun De Zwarte Panter

Fred Bervoets, Wim De Schamphelaere, Frieda Van Dun

De Zwarte Panter proudly presents three exhibitions by three artists: painters Fred Bervoets and Frieda Van Dun, and photographer Wim De Schamphelaere.

Originally trained as an engineer of biochemistry, Wim De Schamphelaere (1963) took photography and digital image manipulation in works that arise from a desire to travel. His photos are often panoramic and monumental. These ‘collages’ often combine several cityscapes into one, highly detailed image that seems to stage an alternative view on exotic locations such as Cuba and Madagascar.

The organic paintings of Frieda Van Dun (1951) are mostly inspired by nature. Gertrude Stein’s phrase ‘a rose is a rose is a rose’ seems to cover the metaphorical starting point of Van Dun’s subject best. Van Dun uses mixed media in her works: canvas, paper, textile, ceramics, plaster, or glass. Next to her paintings, she designed several rugs.

Painter Fred Bervoets (1942) hardly needs an introduction. As a teacher of the Antwerp Royal Academy of Fine Arts, he left his mark on his former students, who now define the local art scene. Bervoets’s body of work consists of paintings, etchings, sketches, doodles, and other graphical techniques. His works depict sometimes hallucinatory, sometimes nightmarish, but always autobiographical scenes.