Frederik Buyckx

Horse Head

In Horse Head, Frederik Buyckx documents the connection between man and nature in the isolated lifestyle of semi-nomadic herders in Kyrgyzstan. He investigates how humans and animals co-exist, the extent of their interdependence and how they cope with the relentless power of nature.

Isolation is a crucial factor in his work. The empty expanses of majestic mountain landscapes beyond the last settlement are the region that attracts Buyckx as a person and that he explores as a photographer. The result, often, is monumental landscapes in which the inhabitants seem to be going astray or even dwindling away.
The overwhelming beauty of these locations often contrasts starkly with the vulnerability that arises from the harsh conditions and nature’s unpredictable character. It is this intriguing balance that the photographer reveals in his recognisable visual style.

Frederik Buyckx received the World Press Photo Award in 2013 and was named Photographer of the Year in the prestigious Sony World Photography Awards in 2017.

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