Anne Reijniers & Rob Jacobs


Whether it is over old monuments or new place names, the tensions surrounding our cities' colonial heritage are rising. How to deal with colonial images that still live in our streets? What to do with all those colonial buildings?

Four films, made in four different contexts, show us contemporary uses of the remnants of a violent past, from a French prison in Senegal that was transformed into an artisan atelier, to an imperialist statue in Portugal that has become a tourist attraction.

‘Friction Building’ is an evening of short films curated by makers Anne Reijniers and Rob Jacobs, who will show their work 'Échangeur' as part of the program. Anne and Rob will discuss the meeting-points and frictions between the selected films, and the different uses of the past the films display.


Andrés Padilla Domene - Ciudad Maya (24’)

Mamadou Khouma Gueye - Kedougou (23’)

Anne Reijniers & Rob Jacobs - Échangeur (33’)

Ana Vaz - Occidente (15’)

Artists: Anne Reijniers & Rob Jacobs