16.02.2020–27.06.2020 ‘from A to Y and back again’ Schönfeld Projects

Andreas Johnen, Dimitri Vangrunderbeek, Elodie Huet, Johan Deschuymer, Koen Wastyn, moine de la non existence de la pensée, Sylvie Janssens de Bisthoven, Vincent de Roder, Yvonne De Grazia

  • the participating artists are listed with their first names (and not with their last names. A stands for Andreas and Y for Yvonne).
    -Most of the artists live in Brussels .
    -telling the true story 'from A to Z' would have been ideal if the ‘whole' story were told.It stops at Y.
    -Andy Warhol’s iconic autobiography ‘From A to B and Back Again.The philosophy of Andy Warhol’. One could even have imagined A for Antwerp and B for Brussels and back again..
    Warhol’s diary talks about love, food, beauty, fame, work, money, success which perfectly reflected his view on the golden sixties …
    These 60’s are far removed from our 2020 world which in return does echo this immense acceleration of events and exponential confusion…
    The actual confusion and resulting questions are slowly worked away by sculpting, colouring, imaging, painting printing till the magic gradually takes over.

'I hate Sundays:there’s nothing open except plant stores and bookstores'. (A.Warhol)


Opening Sunday 16/02 between 3 and 7 pm