Gert Motmans

Gert Motmans Presents: 'Now it’s day, but I am dreaming'

Gert Motmans his work is drowned in nostalgia. His melancholic and surreal collage pieces are a combination of his own images, found footage and weathered papers. This is how he layers memories of his own as well as memories of others. Motmans is fascinated by the ways in which time creates natural and imperfect beauty. He tries to restore that transience, to breathe new life into it. With “Now it’s day, but I am dreaming”, his latest and most personal series until now, he delves deep into his adolescence. A time that has often been a motive for his practice. For the artist, adolescence is a time marked by apprehension and the feeling of not belonging. The artworks are composed of imagery inspired by and taken from family holiday negatives, slides, memorabilia reveal scenery and male figures from an illusive world.

Artists: Gert Motmans