14.05.2020–14.06.2020 We meet again The Mothership

Gert Thierens

The Mothership is very pleased to present new works by our good friend Gert Thierens. At some point our favorite dancer in the dark, and probably the best hugger in Antwerp, Gert has been living and working in London for some years now. It's good to have him back!

The exhibition 'We meet again' presents a selection of recent paintings. Although Gert's work spans a variety of media, including drawing, film and sculpture, he is largely concerned with the methodology of painting. Gert is a virtuosic painter, who seeks inspiration in older, illusionistic traditions. At the same time, his images are often the product of conceptual strategies, such as ideas and lists. Even though his work is realistic and figurative, it does not represent everyday realities. It seems to be a means to test the logic of mental images: a machine running on the power of illusion and technique, translating unsteady visions into works that are mystical, neoromantic, always unfinished & frequently darkly funny.

The Mothership is open on Saturday and Sunday, 2-6 pm. During the Antwerp Art Weekend we are also open on Friday.


14.05, 6-10 pm.