24.10.2021–27.11.2021 Grandly Ghostly FRED&FERRY GALLERY

Sam Druant, Lisa Ijeoma, Onur Kaymak, Lou Lambrecht, Svetlana Mitrofanova, Laura Puska, Saskia Smith, Stijn Van Renterghem, Tyana Verstraete, Pepa Ivanova, Pieter Bullen, Josefien Cornette

Grandly Ghostly is a group exhibition moving through time in different realms. Obvious and hidden, unexpected, subtle, it is a chain reaction manifesting in various forms. This exhibition is a stretched candy-like conversation between titans, covered in blinky glitter scales, puzzled in grid-like voids, speaking all the languages. Their hearts are so pure and so big, barely fitting in their tiny bodies. Moving along, Pepa Ivanova invites you to the unstable world where the titans converse about shapes and colors, and what part of the conversation we may experience.

She invites you to meet them, with your heart.


24.10 - 14:00u - 18:00u