Helgi Þórsson

Groot of klein

ABC Klubhuis presents Helgi Thorsson an Icelandic artist well known for his unique fashionable works that leaves no soul untouched. Helgi was travelling with the Smyril Line, when we caught up with him on the phone. Helgi told us that he is working in small working spaces these days and has to make some of his ideas in miniature models, his studio is the size of a toilet at the moment. “In the final stages of preparation for the exhibition it will all be made in the right scale” Helgi says. “But how can you know the right size I ask? Well?...” There's a disruption on the line, he manages to tell me that there will be other works than miniature ones and he will celebrate Antwerp Art Weekend with a book release at the Klubhuis.

Artists: Helgi Þórsson